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Tree Guards a great investment.

It may sound obvious, but the one single thing you can do to ensure the survival of your young plants is to water them regularly for the first 12 months to help them get established (not really a problem at this time of year!)
The second best thing you can do is to protect them with Tree Guards. Cost effective tree guards provide a secure, stable microclimate, allowing plants to grow with minimal environmental stress. The rigid, fluted high walls allow light to enter whilst maintaining humidity and reducing evaporative water loss. The great advantage of tree guards over plastic sleeves is that they are far less prone to collapse and attack by predators. The rigid walls can be sunk into the ground to give significant levels of protection against strong drying winds, hail, sandblasting, chemical sprays and grazing animals.
An investment in tree guards more than pays for itself – especially as they can be used for up to four years. At Crackpots we sell a range of sizes, for small shrubs through to young trees, and we can pack and post anywhere!

Crackpot Rural Supplies - Tree Guards 2
Protect young plants with Tree Guards

Crackpot Rural Supplies - Tree Guards
Now is prime planting time – protect your young plants with Crackpots affordable Tree Guards.